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            About Red Kite Wealth Management Ltd

            Hi, my name is Katie. I’ve been a client of Red Kite since 2019, and my adviser is Anthony Howard.

            I needed help from Anthony to make some investments. So he helped me with my investment portfolio, as well as looking at pensions.

            Anthony had advised a few friends of mine on their portfolios and they said that he was very good. I always prefer to go with a recommendation, so that’s why I went with him.

            The first meeting with Anthony was a really nice meeting. He spent a lot of time finding out about me and what I wanted to do with my investment and it also made me step back and think about what I wanted for my future.

            Anthony listens to my concerns whenever I have them, he’s always available when I need advice, or if I have any questions, and he’s always willing to pop in and see me if I need any help with anything.

            The three words I would use to describe Anthony are helpful, knowledgeable, and approachable.

            The best piece of advice that Anthony has given me since I’ve been working with him was during Covid-19 when the markets were very unpredictable; he advised to stick with things and that it would get better.

            I find him very approachable. I can call him up or send him an email at random times and he calls back very quickly, if not that day, then the next day. So he’s always available.

            I would recommend Anthony and Red Kite because of the way that he conducts himself in terms of confidentiality and my investments. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine, who is using him for his investments as well.



            Hi, my name is Jo, and this is my husband Martin. I’ve known Anthony at Red Kite for nine and a half years. Primarily he helped my husband, and then when I retired he started advising me too.


            I was coming up to my retirement and I didn’t have any idea at all about the financial side and what to do with your money. The company I worked for at the time brought in Anthony Howard from Red Kite. I listened to what he had to say, and it went from there.


            After Martin met Anthony and Anthony started to come to our house for reviews, etc. I found him very personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable. So I thought: why would I go with anyone else? Why not just stay with Red Kite?


            Anthony lets me know about the different things the money has been invested in, gives me a breakdown from time to time with how the investments are doing, and up to now he’s given me very good advice.


            He makes you feel like you’re a normal person even though we don’t really know a lot about financial matters. If I need any advice, I know I can just pick up the phone or he’ll arrange to come around to see us. He’s not intimidating like some financial people can be – he actually makes you feel like you’re quite normal.


            When Anthony first introduced himself, we had to fill in a questionnaire that asked what sort of risk you would be prepared to take. When I did the questionnaire, I came up just over medium to high risk. That’s what I went with and I haven’t looked back. Anthony has given me advice all the way along on the investments, and how each company that the money is invested in are doing, and how my funds are doing.


            He knows what he’s talking about. I mean, I’m not very good at this sort of thing, usually Martin will explain, but when Anthony comes, he goes into great detail, and he’ll keep telling you until you’ve got it. So I feel very comfortable, he’s given me some very good advice in the past and I wouldn’t want to change.


            The three words I like to describe Anthony as are friendly, helpful, and trustworthy.


            Working with Anthony, I know that I’ve got someone there I can rely on who will give me very good financial advice, and he almost feels like part of the family after nine and a half years.

            The best piece of advice that Anthony gave me is when I moved jobs, I had lots of little pensions here, there, and everywhere with different companies. He advised me that he could help me put them all into one pot and move on from there, which was excellent advice.


            He’s been very reliable, very trustworthy, he’s given us loads of good advice and I highly recommend him. I think he’s an excellent guy, and we’re very pleased to be with him.

            Martin and Jo

            I was having a conversation with a relative about finances in general and she happened to mention that she had used this organisation. She was very similar to me in that she was a little bit cautious. So the fact that she had gone down that route was reassuring. She put me in touch and yes, I took it from there.

            I needed some advice on what to do with certain pensions. I certainly wanted to look at securing investment for the future. I was okay when it came to my basic savings, but it was that next step that I needed some help on, and also finding a path through it all because it can seem a little bit overwhelming at times. Red Kite has certainly helped me with that.

            I went with Red Kite because I felt comfortable with them more than anything, they were very approachable and easy to get hold of, which is important when you’re limited for time. I also wanted advice specifically on pensions and investments, which they seemed to have a good knowledge of. They presented it very clearly, I didn’t feel spoken down to or patronised in any way, I felt that they would go the extra mile to explain anything I wasn’t sure of and that felt very comfortable.

            During the time I’ve been with Red Kite, I’ve changed jobs and it’s always useful to have advice on pensions when you reassess your finances, when you’re looking at investments and also when you’ve had other investments that have come to an end. Knowing what to do next has been important and I feel that their information and understanding has been valuable.

            Having Red Kite available to give me advice is very reassuring. They’re easy to access so I can contact them at any time. I know if I send an email, I’m going to get an answer very quickly. I know that if I need to talk to somebody, they’re only a phone call away. I also know that I can talk to them about basic things, so I don’t feel awkward in saying “Can you just explain this to me?” They also give me regular updates on investments and they’re quite easy to understand. So yeah, I feel very reassured knowing they’re at hand to help me.

            I feel that they will be there going forward, and are very client-focused in what they do. I don’t feel I’m one of many, when I speak to my adviser Anthony. I feel that it’s just me he is concentrating on and that’s very good in this day and age.

            The three words I’d use to describe Red Kite would be professional, and that’s very important to me, supportive, I’ve always felt supported by them, and knowledgeable, which I think is essential.

            I would definitely recommend Red Kite. In fact, I have recommended Red Kite to friends and family because they can be trusted. I want to ensure that if I’m recommending somebody, I’m recommending a professional organisation and one that’s got the knowledge to help those people who need to invest. So yes, I would definitely recommend them.


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