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    Our lead sources

    About our retirement planning leads

    Financial Advisor UK has the one of the largest digital footprints for financial services in the UK

    With over 600,000 subscribers, we send regular digital marketing material to generate leads for financial professionals who we work in partnership with. Our subscribers list is predominantly made up of professionals including limited company owners, business owners, trade professionals, teachers, medical professionals, architects and many other professional individuals

    Leads are exclusive to you

    Our leads are generated to order from our financialadvisoruk.com brand. Financial Advisor UK is heavily marketed in the financial press, Money Matters magazine, social media platforms, Google Ads, weekly email marketing to our database of 600,000 professional subscribers and, once the leads have been distributed to you, they will not be sold to anybody else.

    Lead replacement policy

    Our replacement policy is simple; any leads that have dead or incorrect telephone numbers will be replaced, no quibble!

    Integrate leads directly to your CRM system

    We can distribute our leads directly into your CRM (Intelligent Office, Salesforce, Zoho, monday.com etc.). In addition, they are sent by email to a key person within your business.

    Unbeatable contact & conversion rates

    We can boast a contact rate of 90%+ and high conversion rates

    Dedicated account manager

    You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who you can talk to about upgrades, issues and provide hints and tips on how to best convert our leads. Your account manager will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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